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5 Tips to own a successful e-commerce website

Recent global developments have re-shaped consumers attitude towards online shopping. Over the last 12 months, traffic to ecommerce website or e-stores grew tremendously, driven by the governments’ directive to close physical stores and shoppers’ fear of contracting the coronavirus in public. Overnight, e-stores become the only place to buy essential and non-essential items. Clearly, buyers are not hesitant to get their desired products online and businesses responded by launching new e-stores or marketing their existing e-stores to capture the sales.

But with a plethora of e-stores, what makes an e-store stand-out? How do you ensure that the views, turn to clicks, leads to checkout and sales? As an all in one ecommerce solution provider, let us share 5 tips worth implementing to ensure your e-stores become successful.

1. Focus on the user experience.

  • Aesthetic matters – To engage buyers, your e-store needs to be visually appealing. Use eye-catching, high-quality products images and captivating copywriting. Leverage on template-based design by ecommerce website platform to create professional looking website instantly.
  • Single all-in-one page – The attention-deficient buyers prefer a one-pager Landing Page with all the product information. It enables them to browse on a single page quickly and add their desired products to checkout cart immediately.
  • Easy navigation – Make the User Interface (UI) seamless for buyers to get product information, browse product categories and proceed to checkout and payment
  • Mobile-friendly – Ensure your e-stores are mobile-friendly. Engage an ecommerce website platform with mobile responsive functions that let you choose a different layout for your desktop and mobile version.

2. Drive traffic to your site

  • Creating content cater for SEO and linking e-stores to social media handles are the “must have” to drive traffic to your site
  • Contents that are “SEO-ed” allows your site to rank higher in search engines. To do that, carefully craft your product names, alt text and sub domain links.
  • High chance that your target buyers are using social media daily. Having your social media posts or advertisements linked to your ecommerce website gives confidence to potential customers that you are serious about your online business.
  • A good ecommerce website platform will allow your e-stores to be readily integrated to Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel. This add-on feature share insights about your potential customers and the channels they reach you.
  • Driving traffic means more views which increases likelihood of converting views to clicks and sales.

3. Develop email marketing strategy

  • Develop an effective email marketing strategy to engage new and existing buyers.
  • Email marketing providers has email marketing sync functions that allow information from e-stores immediately sync for marketing purposes. Some ecommerce website platform would have the function readily integrated to your e-store.
  • Leverage on the email marketing tools to instantaneously reach out to a wide pool of targeted customers. Whether it’s to promote a sale or to introduce a new product, email marketing gives you a direct path to connect with your targeted customers.
  • Start building an email list and having the email marketing sync function eases the entire process.

4. Provide superb customer service.

  • Excellent customer service is essential for the success of your e-stores. Good customers’ reviews influenced other buyers to purchase from your e-stores.
  • Must have for superb customer service include easily accessible and fast response.
  • Your customer service team should be contactable either via phone number, email, or even a live chat feature on your ecommerce website.
  • Make sure your customer service team reply to your customers quickly using their preferred mode of communication.
  • Having an ecommerce platform with the ability to link your website with a preferred communication method like Whatsapp is a desired value-add feature for delivering superb customer service

5. Connect to marketplace

  • Most buyers prefer ‘window shopping’ before deciding on the purchase, hence it is vital to connect your e-stores to marketplaces, akin to having your store in a shopping mall.
  • In Southeast Asia (SEA), two marketplace holds the lion share of the online buyers’ traffic, i.e., Shopee and Lazada, hence your e-stores should be present in these marketplaces.
  • Create your unique branding on your e-store and provide the exceptional customer experience to encourage buyers stickiness, but at the same time, connect to the marketplace where most potential customers will view your store.
  • Equipping your e-stores with functions that connect and integrate with Shopee and Lazada, such as product details upload, marketplace inventory sync, order details and waybill printing are essential to run a successful e-store, so request from your ecommerce platform provider to include them in your e-store.

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