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This M’sian Hosting Provider Isn’t Afraid To Guarantee You Sales On Their New E-Commerce Package

Success in today’s digital marketplace is highly dependent on a company’s ability to not only provide a great product or service, but also constantly sell. Ask yourself the question—where would today’s industrial giants such as Microsoft, Samsung, and Apple be if it were not for their ability to offer continued and uninterrupted excellence to their base of users day after day?

In today’s rapidly evolving digital sphere, a company’s ability to capture an audience and constantly keep them interested in its product is paramount to success. Looking at the best-performing services, apps, and portals will reveal stories of how they’ve managed to keep their buyers coming back for more, and all while managing to serve more and more of them every day.

In today’s rapidly evolving digital sphere, a company’s ability to capture an audience and constantly keep them interested in its product is paramount to success. Looking at the best-performing services, apps, and portals will reveal stories of how they’ve managed to keep their buyers coming back for more, and all while managing to serve more and more of them every day.

Instead of offering low-cost options that compromise on performance and stability, they offer cloud or dedicated hosting options with all the features necessary for sustainable high performance including high-throughput bandwidth (10Gbps) for a large number of concurrent users at any given point in time, 99.8% uptime ensured by a 24-hour monitoring team, up-to-date protection against hacking and DDoS attacks, and a scalable system that allows users to dedicate as much or as little resources as they need to suit their current customer demands.

So far, the AppEngage team has already served clients such as SP Setia, IJM, Sunway, and Taylor’s University, and are now gearing to expanding their expertise to the fast-moving realm of e-commerce.

Disrupting The E-Commerce Space

Understanding that e-commerce goes much further than just moving products online, AppEngage have recently crafted a proprietary SaaS e-commerce platform called SPRII COMMERCE that will be targeted towards SME businesses that want a foolproof way to succeed online.

SPRII COMMERCE was developed jointly by AppEngage and SaaS specialists Simajji Concept, with vastly Internet-experienced founders Sam Lee and David Chong teaming up with former banker-turned-passionate digital innovator Wei Kiat to lead a development team of about 40.

Together, the lean team takes care of internet traffic, content digitization, business management, online operations, and various other services.

“My experience of over 10 years working with SMEs has helped me understand their struggles and pain points when trying to sell online,” Wei Kiat explained. “The big players in e-commerce have access to so many tools to help them efficiently move products, whereas the smaller enterprises don’t.”

“Our target is to help these smaller enterprises worry less about how to sell, and just focus on improving what they sell.”

Essentially, SPRII COMMERCE will aim to be an alternative to existing options and plugins such as Magento, Shopify, or WooCommerce, with a few extra advantages.

First, it provides all the necessary e-commerce elements including data analysis, customer management, order management, finance management, distribution, and more that will allow for full supply chain autonomy. This comes with a blockchain-backed rewards system that allows it to be enticing to customers in real time and offer fluid rewards based on each customer’s needs.

Second and more interestingly is SPRII COMMERCE’s focus on digital promotional content, or more specifically tailoring digital marketing needs to match merchants with their relevant target customers.

SMEs that sign up with the package will gain access to AppEngage’s network of marketers, event managers, and brand specialists that all leverage off AI to determine the best ways to engage the market, and will also have AppEngage’s full attention in ensuring the best bang for marketing buck—be it through social media, billboard advertising, KOLs, or roadshows, etc.

“The motivation to sell more will now be equally shared by us together with client,” Wei Kiat said. “Ultimately, this is a win-win proposition for both sides where each is able to focus on what they do best.”

One of the plans in place is to organize joint roadshows for all SMEs that sign up under the SPRII COMMERCE package, enabling all their clients to jointly share marketing costs and leverage of each other’s target markets.

You’ll Sell. We’ll Bet Our Money On It

As a means to entice new customers to make the switch to their e-commerce platform, AppEngage are offering select clients a guaranteed number of sales when they come on board SPRII COMMERCE.

After a thorough vetting and inspection process, clients that are chosen will be promised guaranteed sales within the first two years in exchange for a monthly fee as well as commission on revenue. Terms to be discussed and agreed upon for each client. Failing to achieve this target, SPRII COMMERCE promises a repayment on the commission over shortfall between the actual revenue versus the targeted revenue.

“We do this because we think the most important aspect of an e-commerce platform is success rate,” the AppEngage team said. “On typical platforms, maybe only 0.5 out of 10 businesses successfully make it on their journey, so we’re starting off by giving our clients a kickstart to their sales by making sure that we’re also fully invested in their success.”

This early sales boost will work in tandem with the other complementing services provided by AppEngage such as website integration, online store management on sites such as Shopee and Lazada, as well as a personal app to go along with all of it.

Now, AppEngage are working towards expanding their current pool of clients and want to focus on bringing in clients from the manufacturing sector. This is due to their belief that their solution presents an opportunity for them to reach out directly to end consumers.

Ideally, they’d like to leverage off their sales guarantee to build traction and early momentum, eventually creating a catalyzing effect that will bring in more and more users and help them scale—as more users begin hopping on their platform, they believe the amount of money and time that a business can save will become apparent to future clients and drive even more users to sign-up with them.

“While we cannot yet compete with the giants of the e-commerce industry based on volume, there are still many opportunities in other segments,” the founder of ServerFreak Technologies. “Our model is to bring digital content aboard our own platform and use it to customize the online store for content-side users.”

A Part Of The Family

Finally, the AppEngage team also say that their SPRII COMMERCE will integrate closely with other enterprise solutions available under their tech-alliance company Simajji Concept, with the huge benefit here being the sharing of data analytics on client behavior that creates a potential for scaling large and quickly.

Simajji Concept already has under their belt a number of services including an event management platform, a ride-hailing platform, a book-rental platform, and many others that collect invaluable data and information and will integrate seamlessly as an ecosystem in future phases of their development.

This all builds onto Simajji Concept’s dream concept of an eventual SaaS ecosystem where each platform generates AI and data-driven insights that will help SPRII COMMERCE clients understand how to serve their target audience better.

“The idea is for there to be a partnership where our clients and us can leverage off all the experience that we have gained from our other platforms,” the team said. “Eventually, this will shorten the whole learning curve of a new business given that they can now rely on us to help them with content, social marketing, and others.”

“Put all of this together, and SMEs can now offer their products to consumers at a much better value point, and when the end user wins in terms of better value, everyone involved also wins. This is the end goal that we at AppEngage want to achieve with SPRII COMMERCE.”

For more information on how SPRII COMMERCE can help expand your business possibilities, visit their official website www.spriicommerce.com for more information.

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